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Are Our Teenagers Getting the Education They Really Deserve?

Our mission is to make sure they do

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In Brief - What We’re About

Schools are not designed for young people’

Sir Ken Robinson (2001)

Is your teenager really getting the education they deserve?

Are they being engaged, challenged and supported at the right level?

One-to-one coaching is the biggest factor for academic and personal improvement

We coach, we challenge, we support, we’re demanding,

Our teens, engage, become independent, self-disciplined and self-aware and able to identify and create opportunities for further development.

When it comes to our service

If you can afford to, you can’t afford not to.

Your teenager gets from us:

  • Years of learner-development experience.
  • One-to-one focus for three months
  • A paradigm shift in their approach to education
  • Independence, self-awareness, self-development
  • Completed meaningful projects.
  • A professional portfolio
  • Better school grades
  • Membership of an international alumni association
  • Support through life

We get:

  • One step closer to realising our vision
  • The joy of guiding young people to realise their current potential
  • Funds for supporting our work with teens in need.
  • Growth in spreading opportunities for happiness and success.

What Issues Do Most Teens Face?

Is school taking the right approach?

Are teens being left behind, bored, frustrated, or turned off?

Are teens being turned into compliant micro-perfectionists?

Is the end point too abstract and distant?

Do teens get enough help transitioning to adulthood?

Do working parents have enough time to coach teens?

Thought Bubble

I hate school - it just seems so pointless

Thought Bubble

I love school but it makes me so anxious

Schools aren’t designed for young people

Are schools setting the challenges teens need?

Is what’s being taught seemingly irrelevant?

Even very good schools still can’t quite give every young person what they need.

Thought Bubble

Everyone says I am bright so why are my grades so poor?

Thought Bubble

This is so dull - I wish I could do something interesting

It doesn’t have to be like that!

Rushmere Tao helps teenagers find the right approach, become collaboratively independent, set their own challenges and put meaning back into their learning.

How Can We Help Teenagers?

Give us two 1-hour online sessions with a teenager each week and, with as much through-the-week access as they want, and we will coach them to become independent, self-aware learners for life who can continue to develop themselves as such.

In addition, they will learn how they can…

  • Get the best out of their school and education system
  • Develop the habits needed to create a seriously useful portfolio
  • Optimise their ability to make wise decisions and take wise action.

What we provide...

Over a period of three months of priority attention, we provide a module with:

  • Two 1-hour one-on-one sessions per week
  • Unlimited written communication
  • Learner development through engagement
  • A personal portfolio (and habits needed to work it)
  • Lifelong Alumni Association Membership
  • The option to carry on for a second module that will reinforce and establish learner independence
Middle School Children

Note: Some teenagers gain independence after one module whilst others need a second module - or just want the full programme because they like it!

Attributes We Help Develop

From the time we first meet, we are looking for opportunities to help teenagers develop the attributes that make powerful learners for life.

Our aim is to enable teenagers to identify, create, and take opportunities to develop these for themselves as they go through school and life. When they can, our work is done.

What Action Can You Take?

Why not sponsor a teenager in need?

Do you know a teenager?

Almost certainly they would benefit from our coaching

Portrait of Teenage Boy
  • Read the rest of the website and our brochure.
  • Request more information if needed
  • Sign up - the fee is US$1920 per 3-month module

Want to coach a teenager in our way?

We want all teenagers to have a coach. That’s why we provide scholarships for teenagers in need

Teenage Boy Smiling
  • Read our brochure to understand our work.
  • Sponsor or part-sponsor a teenager in need by clicking the button below.

Or sponsor a person in need to become a coach?

To reach more teenagers, we provide sponsored places on our coaching courses for those who can’t afford the fees.

  1. Contact us if you are a parent, teacher or budding Rushmere Tao coach.
  2. Take a course (fees between US$10-50) and become part of our coaching community.

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  • Read through our website and brochure to understand the work we do.
  • Sponsor a future coach by clicking below.

Contact Us

For questions, suggestions, or ideas, you are welcome to email us at

or fill in our general contact form:

If you are interested in sponsoring a teenager or donating towards our teen

scholarship programme, please contact us at:

If you are on LinkedIn, why not join our Developing Real Learners group forum?

Academy of

Learner Development

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What People Say

Quotation marks
Quotation marks

I suddenly understood that we weren’t just learning things I liked, the coach was helping me develop my confidence, curiosity, perseverance and other stuff…’

  • Vinh, G10, Vietnam
Teenage boy thinking

‘These were the best lessons ever – I think I learnt more from these than from all my other lessons put together!’

  • Nana, G5, Georgia
Quotation marks
Asian Teenage Girl Smiling
Quotation marks

‘Everybody said I was clever, but I never did well in exams. The coaching sessions helped me understand how to get more out of school and fix this.’

  • Vivian, G9, Switzerland
Quotation marks

‘With the help the coach gave my daughter outside the sessions, it was really worth the fee. Within three months, she was able to learn independently.’

  • Grade 6 Parent, Turkey
Quotation marks

‘I don’t understand how, but since I started doing projects (with my coach), my grades in other subjects have gone up!’

  • Fahad, G8, Qatar
Teenage Girl Wearing Hijab

‘I was really bored with school – but the coach gave me a new perspective and I know how to use school to get what I need from it.’

  • Fumika, G10, Japan

Our Partial Scholarships

Due to the success of our initial scholarship programmes for teens in need and benefactors, we have been able to create a scholarship fund of around US$420,000 for the next five years.

This means you can now you can apply for a scholarship of up to 50%

Criteria are:

  • A willingness to try something new.
  • A commitment to see the programme through.
  • Completing our application process.

Originally the cost of our programme was US$640 per month but now you can secure a place for US$320 per month. That means for less than US$85 a week, your teen can have a life-changing experience.

If you can afford to, you can’t afford not to.

Our Tangible Outcomes

At 17, Farouk turned a school speech into a professional radio broadcast as a part of his drama portfolio leading to a TV station internship.

At 15, Vivian turned her idea to make a dress into a full design range for sale abroad.

At 14, Fumika, said she had no ‘passion in life’ we helped her put passion into everything she did. She found her passion in coaching the very young.

At 12, Băo Shàn turned his love of space into a book explaining stars for youngsters, then did a book tour of classes selling signed copies for charity. into a book explaining stars for youngsters, then did a book tour of classes selling signed copies for charity.

We turn ordinary activities into extraordinary learner development opportunities and practice overcoming life’s challenges. We also take young people’s hopes for the future and help them realise them now.

Take a look at our brochure for more information

Who We Are

Robert Thorn

Lead Coach

Team Vietnam

Senior Coach

Team Croatia

Senior Coach

Team Pakistan

Senior Coach

Team South Africa

Senior Coach

Team India

Senior Coach

Robert Thorn is an international educator, coach, and former principal with more than thirty years of experience in various educational systems and cultural settings. He is a proponent of learner-development-centred approaches to education. Founder of the non-profit ‘Developing Real Learners‘, the ‘Academy of Learner Development‘ and ‘Rushmere Tao‘, his mission is to help individuals and institutions transform education for themselves. Around him is a growing, dedicated team of coaches and colleagues whose vision is one of individuals and communities transforming themselves and their approach to education through accessible and straightforward processes that rely on our common humanity and their own cultural perspectives.

We hope you will join our community.

Answers to Some Questions

Where are you based?

Coaches are based around the world. Our coordinating offices are situated in Iskenderun, Turkey and London, UK.

Can you help my teenager pass their exams?

Yes and no. The sessions we share will not focus on teaching a student a subject however, by coaching your teen and even using the subject as a context for learner development, they will surely do better in their exams.

Can you tutor my teen in mathematics?

No, and yes - we can coach your teen with mathematics as a context. We are not teaching subjects but using what learners find engaging to develop the attributes of good learners.

What is Rushmere Tao’s relationship to Developing Real Learners and the Academy of Learner Development?

Our Founding Director set up the registered non-profit ‘Developing Real Learners’ (which is also the name of our LinkedIn discussion group) in 2012. The organisation helps promote the transformation of education towards a more holistic approach worldwide. The Academy of Learner Development is a UK-registered institution which provides professional and community development globally. Its launch is planned for autumn 2023. Rushmere Tao is a Department of the Academy which seeks to help individuals bring about a transformation of education towards a wiser society.

Questions continued...

What are the fees?

Fees may vary slightly from coach to coach but are usually US$80 per session. That’s US$640 per month.

How are fees paid?

Fees are paid a month in advance. A weekly payment can be arranged however, you will bear the costs of each transfer. Payments may be made in a number of ways - bank transfer, using payment gateways, e.g. Stripe - we are happy to adopt others.

Rushmere Tao fees are quite high considering the aims of Developing Real Learners (DRL) is to bring educational transformation to the less affluent. How do you justify that?

Yes, the fees are quite high although no higher than some specialist tutors and certainly nothing as high as fees in other professions. However, the reason for these fees is that it allows us to do the work of DRL and AoLD. With the income generated, we are able to work on:

  • Creating free or low-cost courses, for teachers, parents, and teens
  • Providing coaching scholarships for teens in need
  • Providing support for coaches who serve communities in financial need
  • and of course, staff and institutional fees.

Questions continued...

Will the sessions be too difficult for my child?

The sign of a good coach is to know their learner. Through developing a mutual understanding, a balance is reached between the two. While the learner will engage in learning they enjoy, we know that learning takes effort, change is difficult, and being the best one can be, takes determination. So, ‘yes’, it will be difficult but a good coach and a good learner will both know that it sometimes takes baby steps to get to where we need to go.

If the learner really doesn’t want to be at sessions or to move forward with us, we understand that. We will work until the end of each month to try different approaches to engaging the learner, however, if unsuccessful, then we may pause and you might consider re-engaging us at a later date.

What if my child doesn’t like it?

We believe that this is unlikely if you have discussed the idea of having a learning coach with your child and they have agreed to give it a chance. Of course, there is little we can do if a teenager really resists coaching, however, we can usually win learners over once they realise we are not their teacher but their coach.

If there are difficulties - changes in mind or in financial situation, we are able to provide a refund of fees paid beyond one month i.e., if you have paid for three months we can provide you with a refund of two months' fees. Places are limited and coaches have budgets too after all.

Questions continued...

What do you mean by ‘learner-development-centred’?

You may have heard of teacher-centred education where, basically, the teacher leads and the students comply and do what they are told - listening and note-taking mostly. Then there’s ‘student-centred education - now there are many interpretations of this but ours is where teachers help young people become good students as well as learn the subjects at hand - they do study skills and become good at school. Next, there’s ‘learner-centred’ and this again has many interpretations. It’s very good, it helps young people become good learners however, from what we have seen in practice, even in very good schools, this approach often slips back to being student-centred and again is driven usually by the teacher.

At DRL, we make a distinction because although we want young people to become the best learners for life they can be, we also want them to become independent, collaborative, and wise enough to be able to develop themselves as learners and one can do that best via coaching.

Can I become a Learning Coach?

Yes, we are very excited about an upcoming initiative of Rushmere Tao and the Academy of Learner Development. We will be running courses for parents, teachers, and others, which will offer training and coaching in what we call ‘learner-development-centred coaching’. This will allow you to either learn to help your children grow as learners at home or use the approach in your teaching at school if you are a teacher. For those of you wishing to work with us as a Rushmere Tao Learning Coach, it will be the first step in doing so.